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At TEL-E-DON, we have a clear understanding of the old saying “Time is Money.” Call us when you are in need of reliable computer/telephony service. We will have your computer/telephones up and running as quickly as possible. In addition to addressing current problems, your computer/telephones will be put through a series of reliability tests confirming successful repair and possibly revealing areas which may result in future failures. All test results will be presented and discussed with you in detail. This is just one of many ways that TEL-E-DON provides quality customer service designed to provide the customer direct control.

Should your computer/telephony system require bench repair, we will pick up and deliver your system. We have a 24 hour turn-around on most repairs. Our service rate is $65.00 per hour on/offsite. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:
Custom build to order computers
Application installations
Operating System Installations
Virus/Spyware Removal
Virus/Spyware Software installation

There has been an enormous growth of small offices with multiple computers. In keeping up with this growth, TEL-E-DON has successfully tailored our networking services to address the need of home and office networks. Our home and office services allow two or more computers to access the Internet, share printers or resources or communicate with each other. This service is great for students, home to medium size businesses and video gamers. TEL-E-DON network solutions provide for existing or newly designed networks. Whether you have two or more computers, we evaluate and recommend the best solution from designing, configuring and installing your network. The network components that we use are those that are reliable and commonplace in home and business environments. By using such components, this will assure availability, affordability and reduce long periods of down time.

Network Installation
Cable Installation
Cable Repair
Site Management
Broadband / DSL Installation
Adding Drops (Connection Points)

TEL-E-DON Maintenance Agreement program provides a total maintenance solution for small and medium size businesses. Under this Agreement, servers, workstations and non networked computers are covered.
The agreement covers six months, one and two year terms. The coverage will begin within 30 days after signing of the Agreement. All computers and computer systems will be identified and inventoried. This will assess the condition of the systems covered under the agreement.
The Maintenance Agreement will provide all the labor necessary for repairing, maintaining or upgrading the computer systems covered by this agreement. You may elect to add new hardware or software purchased from vendors other than TEL-E-DON. TEL-E-DON will not, however, honor warranties on products purchased through other suppliers. There will never be a charge on TEL-E-DON warranted parts that have failed during normal operational use (this action does not cover ACTS of GOD). Customer may elect to upgrade a failed part but will be required to pay the difference in cost for the upgrade. Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm are the designated service call hours. All other required services, telephone assists and remote diagnostics will incur a separate charge.
TEL-E-DON obligations are limited to repairing or replacing existing defective hardware with similar components of similar specifications and quality. If equivalent parts are no longer available, TEL-E-DON reserves the right to charge an upgrade fee equal to the price difference in parts. TEL-E-DON shall have no liability as a result of miss-used, lost or corrupted data. We shall make every reasonable effort to effectively repair a computer system as prompt as possible. We shall have no responsibility for loss of use or consequential damages resulting from the failure of the equipment.

TEL-E-DON agreement pricing is competitive or less than those companies offering like services. We are flexible and have worked some discounts into our pricing to ensure that we are competitive. We are proud to say that in most cases, we are below our competitors’ price. This contract entitles you to discounted hourly rates based on the level of usage you wish to purchase.

You may purchase a 5, 10 or 20 hour contract for the prepaid monthly charges listed below. Additional hours maybe purchased at the indicated hourly rate.

Hours Per Month
(Prepaid Monthly)
5 hr. Contract

10 hr. Contract

20 hr. Contract
Hourly Rate





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