*BBQ - Chicago

*Lem's BBQ

Aug 23, 2018 |
311 E. 75th St.
Chicago IL 60619
(773) 994-2428
In 1954, two brothers, Bruce and Myles Lemons had a dream. A dream for their future, a dream of hope, a dream of destiny... It was a dream of entrepreneurship. With this dream, they opened their ... Read more

*The Slab BBQ

Aug 23, 2018 |
1918 E 71st St.
Chicago IL 60649
(773) 966-5018
There is nothing more beautiful than perfectly crafted BBQ. Taking your time to craft the perfect seasoning, flavor and locking in the all the juices, this is what The Slab Bar-B-Que is all about. We ... Read more

*Honey 1 BBQ

Aug 23, 2018 |
746 E 43rd St.
Chicago IL 60653
(773) 285-9455
The first thing you'll see when you walk into Honey 1 BBQ is our glassed-in smoker and a pile of hickory. Now try to think of the last time you saw that in a BBQ restaurant. Most so-called BBQ is ... Read more




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